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Android Privacy Policy

Application may request certain permissions. The reason for such permissions is set forth as follows:

In-app purchases - if you attempt to purchase songs or any other content that may be available for purchase within the Application.

Phone and Device Status - necessary to allow the Application to properly function upon interruption by incoming phone call.

Photos/Media/Files and Storage - allow the Application to store and access Application content on USB memory.

Camera - allows you to enable “Reality Mode” to show live video from the camera on the display. Video from the camera is not transmitted.

Microphone - allows you to enable “Blow Mode” such that you can blow into the microphone to produce a sound. Audio from the microphone is not transmitted.

Audio Settings - allows you to change volume of audio devices.

Wi-Fi - the Application may operate over Wi-Fi connections.

Network Access - the Application may require Internet access to allow viewing of remote content such as videos, and information pages; and license check and anonymized diagnostics.

License Check - allows the Application to check proper authorization by the Google Play Store.

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